Acid Gambit / Nemesis – Exclusive Early Access Stream!

Atlanta’s Acid Gambit have new music due out on Monday, September 18th, but thanks to Coprolalia Digital you’re able to stream the entire album early here at Echosynthetic. You can get your pre-order in right now over at Bandcamp, with 3 versions up for offer. You’ve got the digital version, compact disc, and limited edition cassette (my version of choice, and there’s only 25 of these bad boys).


I don’t know about you, but I’m all about some variety. Thankfully Acid Gambit are an antidote for all the sameness swirling about out there. The fusion of old school EBM, horror and sci-fi soundscapes, modern synthwave, and driving backbeats sets Acid Gambit onto a pedestal that is uniquely theirs. I was hooked the instant the album opener Dawn of Madness kicked in, and Nemesis never lets up…no filler here.

I hope you enjoy the exclusive stream! Don’t forget to give Acid Gambit and Coprolalia Digital a follow on social media. They’re both quality and you wouldn’t have awesome early access like this without their help.



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