Halloween Special: Neo-LA Presents – Grave Wave Vol. 1 Charity Compilation

Alright, I know you’ve got a lot to pick from this Halloween and I’ve tried to make a case for all of the compilations that have been released. Obviously, the best choice is to take the dive and buy them all! They’re all great, it helps the scene, and each one is stacked with talent. But in this very busy compilation season, what makes the new Neo-LA produced Grave Wave stand out? Let me count the ways!

First of all, this compilation goes for the throat with re-imagined versions of some of the best known horror themes ever. More than that, we get some of the lesser used horror scores that honestly put this compilation on the top shelf for me. For example, Grave Wave kicks off with one of the all time great chilling television theme songs as Atlanta’s Acid Gambit revels in the shadows of Tales of the Darkside. From there we go right into one of John Carpenter’s best film scores with Cyberscape presenting a slightly off-kilter (and chilling) take on The Fog theme. This is honestly just scratching the surface!

If you can buy one, and only one compilation this Halloween, honestly I feel like Neo-LA have put together a strong case for why their comp should be that one. These are some of the most inspired covers I’ve ever heard, and I can tell you right now, I’ve listened to a lot over the past week. You’ve got a stacked line-up of artists: Acid Gambit, Cyberscape, Gregorio Franco, Skeleton Beach, Dreddd, Maniac 2084, Unholy Rat King, Athena Queen, Microchip Terror, The Powerwalker, and FacexHugger covering one hell of a line up of themes: Tales from the Darkside, The Fog, Return of the Living Dead, Halloween, Stranger Things, Maniac, Gremlins, Rosmary’s Baby, Phantasm, Doom, and The Exorcist. That’s more than worth the $5.00 asking price over at Bandcamp.

I’d like to also mention that every single dollar, 100% of the proceeds, are going to suicidepreventionlifeline.org.



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