John Fryer / Black Needle Noise

To know where you’re going, you have to know where you came from. In my opinion there are few people that have affected the course of synth based music more than legendary producer and artist, John Fryer. Each week I do an article on his music, starting with his Black Needle Noise project. With this platform he writes songs and sends them out to different artists, singers, and songwriters to add their own personal touch to the tracks. Every song is like reaching into a box of the unknown and pulling out a treasure. As I complete the deep dive into Black Needle Noise I’m going to delve into his production work and shed some light onto the good he’s done for the electronic community.

This specific page is meant as a one-stop for all of these articles because the amount of work he’s been involved in is staggering. Sure, you can check out the John Fryer Wikipedia page, but I find that a personal touch…a look into the window of each of these projects…is much more satisfying, and honestly educational. There are a lot of new artists out there that don’t know the heritage of the music they’re creating, or that one of its greatest pioneers is still very active in the community. So, without further delay, I give you the works of John Fryer…a work in progress, to be sure!

*Editor’s Note: The articles are listed in the order that I wrote them, not particularly in the order Fryer released them!

Black Needle Noise – Swimming Through Dreams (with Mimi Page)

Black Needle Noise – Extermination

Black Needle Noise – And Nothing Remains (with Ana Breton)

Black Needle Noise – Teeth to Grey (with Omniflux)

Black Needle Noise – This Kind of Road (with Kendra Frost)

Black Needle Noise – Heaven (with Jennie Vee)

Black Needle Noise – She Stands on a Storm (with Andrea Kerr)

Black Needle Noise – A Shiver of Want (with Bill Leeb)

Black Needle Noise – Warning Sign (with Kendra Frost)

Black Needle Noise – Treasured Lies (with ZiaLand)

Black Needle Noise – Breathless Speechless (with Sivert Høyem)

Black Needle Noise – Naughty Girl (with Spectra*Paris)

Black Needle Noise – Dead Star (with Betsy Martin)

Black Needle Noise – Behind the 4th Door (with Elena Alice Fossi)

Black Needle Noise – Messages by Dreams (with Attasalina)

Black Needle Noise – Human (with Jarboe)